All Tech Is Human (ATIH) announces the release of its third annual Responsible Tech Guide! The Responsible Tech Guide is a crowdsourced effort highlighting 300+ responsible tech organizations and institutions, informed by insights from 100+ community members and leaders who are tackling the most wicked problems in tech.

What you’ll find in the Responsible Tech Guide:

Led by founder and Responsible Tech advocate David Ryan Polgar, the guide serves as an all-encompassing resource for technologists, practitioners, policymakers, and emerging leaders committed to aligning the future of technology with the public interest.

Responsible Tech envisions a better tech future:

“We need to consider how we integrate transformative technology into the lives of children and young people today, at this nascent stage…How can we (the current adults of 2022, the gatekeepers) innovate for long-term benefit to design hardware, software, and content to elevate life?” – Nina Jane Patel, VP of Metaverse Research at Kabuni

“For me, a better tech future looks like an Internet that is driven by kindness, inclusivity, and safety. It looks like a digital world that is designed to empower users to be the best digital citizens they can be.” – Trisha Prabhu, Anti-Hate Activist, Inventor and Founder & CEO at ReThink

“My ideal future is that responsible tech is embedded in everything we do – how we design and scope systems, how we build, who we buy from, what we use, how we maintain. We consider how people and systems will use technology and consider the downstream consequences before we build.” – Ilana Golbin, Director, Responsible AI Lead at PwC

About All Tech Is Human

All Tech Is Human is a non-profit committed to connecting and expanding the Responsible Tech ecosystem so we can co-create a better tech future. We do this through a variety of activities focused around three key areas: multi-stakeholder convenings & community-building, multidisciplinary education, and diversifying the pipeline with more backgrounds and lived experiences. Our organization has a large community Slack group, regular summits & mixers, a mentorship program, university ambassadors program, open working groups that develop reports, office hours, a job board, and our Responsible Tech Guide. You can see all of our projects here and read our overview document here.